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There is a growing argument these days on talent wars and talent being the key differentiator for organisations.

On the one hand, despite all the macro-economic uncertainty, we have professionals wanting to leave the safety net of their large organisations to experiment in different domains, smaller organisations, variable or ESOP linked pay structures. On the other hand, we have what I’d like to call the ‘anchor or cream’ layer of the working populace – the old timers, the loyalists, the near retirement or retired, with a lifetime of rich experience invested in a domain, function, industry, country, whatever!!

Aside from the wealth of knowledge they have gathered by DOING (starting, hustling, absorbing, failing, improving, achieving), these anchors have led families, organisations, societies, countries and the World to progress. A lot of these ultra-experienced professionals choose a relaxed pace post retirement (more time with family, finally time for hobbies, many admin or health issues that need attention), but a lot of them struggle to adjust to the change. What we find by simply looking around and talking to friends and families, that a lot of them still would not mind contributing some time to a meaningful work project that appreciates or recognizes them to stay mentally, physically and financially agile.

Hence, with this “1st Goldmine Global Survey’, we are inviting the ultra-experienced professionals to (1) share their wish list for flexible or part-time assignments or projects, (2) voice their challenges (if any) with technology or for example if and how their domain or function or focus area has evolved beyond their times, making it difficult to see the exact fitment for themselves now.

We at pluckyourday.com want to put fresh, genuine energy to work to make it all come together. We are certain with your encouragement and expertise; we can make pluckyourday.com as a talent platform and the opportunities for this ’evergreen segment’ go places!