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In 2019, for the first time in our living memory, the whole WORLD was faced with the same battle, the Covid 19 pandemic. Forcing us as individuals to re-invent the way we collaborated and interacted with each other.

Human ingenuity and resilience led organisations and people across all age groups, ethnicities, geographies, and demographic profiles to adapt to the new normal. Whether it was online birthday celebrations, game nights, conferences, team hangouts, everything that could not have been imagined as a virtual or digital or online affair, had suddenly become a reality. As we transition back to a world without restrictions with choice being available once again, where do we go from here is an obvious question to ask. 

We have all debated the pros and cons of ‘work from home’ versus ‘hybrid work’ versus ‘return to work’ around dining tables and in conference rooms. We all cannot help but be nostalgic of the carefree past, while a lot of us are struggling with the evolving present as we have been indoors and online for nearly two years. While there are many aspects and facets of this whole conundrum that need to be examined and explored, we at Pluck Your Day cannot help but wonder what this collective experience means for workplace equations. Did the pandemic just PAUSE the way it SHOULD BE, or was it an eye opener on how the world CAN BE?

While the pandemic impacted organisations and their profitability leading to job losses, the concurrent Great Resignation means that people are asserting their preferences. They were willing to explore uncharted waters basis which they had now experienced as possible.

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