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We make a series of choices early on in our academic and professional lives. We are fortunate if we discover our life-long calling, which also brings together our skills, strengths and passions. While we don’t have exact statistics, but it would be fair to say that it is a minority at best, which gets their perfect match when they start out.

Fast forward to present day, a lot of mid-career professionals want to experiment and re-invent themselves for one or many reasons – be it fatigue, the need for a fresh challenge, having discovered a clear dislike for what they have done so far, need for better financial or personal wellbeing etcetcra. Yet, a lot of us stay glued, not able to take the leap. After all, a knee-jerk reaction could jeopardise years of hard work, also there are several financial responsibilities as we grow old, and personal associations (right or wrong!) with the work we do and where we work.

It is widely believed that 99% of us battle inertia to act due to: (1) The strong sense of identity that our work and workplace provide us and, (2) the lack of safety net as we sail into un-chartered waters.

Pluckyourday.com wants to channelise your extra time and energy into re-discovering yourself or help you achieve your incremental personal and professional goals. We are planning to do this in 2 ways – (1) curate very short and short assignments across fields to help you experiment alongside your full day work, (2) create an assured flow of projects in a specific field or fields to help you meet your baseline financial goals, as you invest yourself in this journey of self discovery and transformation.

To do so, please participate in our ‘1st Re-Energise Global Survey’ for mid-career professionals. Help us better understand your requirements and inhibitions to do a more accurate job of it.


While a lot is said and written about leading a life free of regret and to make the most of our lifetime. We are hoping that along with you, we would be ACTUALLY able to lead meaningful and impactful lives.